Benefits of GROW:

  •  A reduction in shedding of hair.

  •  Thicker strands and less breakage .

  • Clearing of flakiness from dandruff  and itchy scalp.

  •  A slowing of nutrient lacking grays.

  • An overall improved condition of the  hair and scalp.

Chloe Williams

 I was very skeptical about hair growth products. I've tried many in the past that did nothing.  GROW was the first product that not only grew my hair 2 inches in 4 weeks, it made my hair the thickest and healthiest its ever been. 

Client Review

Josh Madix

My hairline started to recede right after college.  I was frustrated with how much fallout I had with each wash.  I started using GROW 6 months ago and am amazed with the results - I never thought I'd have a full head of hair again. 

Client Review

Aubrey Hale

After having my first baby I experienced major shedding and brittle hair.  No matter what I tried it looked like I had fried my hair with chemicals.  My stylist recommended GROW, after the first month I was hooked! My hair is thicker, softer and smoother than pre-baby.

Client Review

Grant Koller

Since the age of 14 I dealt with extreme flakes, dandruff, and dry scalp. GROW is the only hair product I have found that has completely cleared up my dandruff and scalp.  Over the past 3 months of use I now have a healthy scalp, no more itch, and all flakes are 100% gone. 

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Adriana Johns

I have always struggled with thin whispy hair,  After using GROW my hair has become thicker, has incredible bounce and feels completely revitalized.

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Robert Harris

I work construction and have to wear a hard hat daily.  I was noticing how course my hair was becoming as well as hair loss and receeding hair line.  My wife bought GROW for me 6 months ago, it has changed the look, feel and thickness of my hair.  My hair hasn't looked this good in 20 years! 

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Kellie Metcalf

I consider myself a connoisseur of hair care products, and have tried everything on the market.  GROW has changed my life and my hair health.  I no longer use mousse, gel, hair masks, or an over  abundance of hair spray.  My hair styles easily, looks incredible, and holds it shape throughout the day.   

Client Review

Jeremy Gering

I use GROW on not only my hair, but my beard as well.  Both are softer, fuller, and all the itching is gone.  The best part is GROW is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, which is very important for hair and beard care.

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Eva Wright

I love this product -I am a faithful user after just the first use.  The smell is amaSince zing, gives my hair a soft, full texture, and eliminates all of my frizz.

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Michael Urry

I have been using GROW for a few months now and have noticed a lessening of my grays, more density to the strands and my hair has more life to it.

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Shannon Olson

I had extremely thin hair and was noticing balding in my part line.  After using GROW, my part is filling out, my hair is getting thicker, and I have 2 inches of new length in just a month.

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