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100% VEGAN. 100% ORGANIC. 






GROW is a vegan and sulfate free product that uses a propriety organic nano-tech blend of natural botanicals including: 

clove extract, tea tree extract, orange peel extract, sunflower extract, cold pressed HEMP extract, and MCT oil.

Benefits of GROW:

  •  A reduction in shedding of hair.

  •  Thicker strands and less breakage .

  • Clearing of flakiness from dandruff  and itchy scalp.

  •  A slowing of nutrient lacking grays.

  • An overall improved condition of the  hair and scalp.




Cleans hair and leaves it pH Balanced – great for all hair types, oily, dry and everything in between.

Eliminates dandruff.

Nourishes hair follicles to diminish hair loss, prevents grays and reduces shedding.

Safe on color-treated hair.

Leaves scalp and hair healthy and silky.


It doesn't matter what your age, sex, or hair type, thin, thick, curly, straight, oily or dry...this is for everyone.

5-Star Overall  Rating








Fall Out


Dry Hair & Scalp


Created by a passionate stylist with the help of an innovative formulist that both are fanatical about health inside and out, this unique blend works to strengthen hair strands, eliminate damaging debris, and promote hair and scalp health.

Just like anything - your face with makeup, your body with exercise and nutrition ... your hair needs the right product.  Grow will promote shiny, healthy, gorgeous hair without the need of a cupboard full of different products.


Our custom blended formula is infused with exclusive ingredients sourced from the US- to provide unique luxurious products that work. We use cold extraction and nano-particle elements to create our ultra pure, high absorption proprietary blend.


Organic MCT Oil

Organic Clove Extract

Organic Orange Peel Extract

Organic Tea Tree Extract

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

Organic Sunflower Extract

As a hairdresser, Joe is surrounded by hundreds of professional grade products. However, not one of these "high end" products indulges all hair types. Not only that, there are very few ingredients that can claim to treat, protect, and nourish all hair types.   After thousands of hair washings, it was apparent that the two biggest problem clients have-there is no solution to lessen hair shedding or completely eliminate dandruff.


Joe teamed up with his long time client and friend, a supplementation specialist who is an expert in formulation.  After two years of research, composing, and testing blends... the magic was found.



Organic MCT Oil

Organic Orange Peel Extract

Natural moisturizer, helps detangle and condition, is antimicrobial to eliminate dandruff.

Packed with Vitamin C, leaves hair with a natural shine and bounce, creating beautiful shiny , soft hair.

Organic Clove Extract

Organic Tea Tree Extract 

Antiseptic properties that kill fungus, anti-inflammatory to relieve irritated scalp, stimulating properties to exfoliate dead skin. Adds shine to dull dry hair, and increases circulation to reduce hair fall and promote growth.

Unclogs hair follicles, removes build-up of dead skin cells, increases oxygen and nutrient supply to scalp and follicles, treats and protects scalp from infections.

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

Organic Sunflower Extract


Cold pressed to insure potency, promotes circulation for hair growth, reduces dryness and itchiness, injects moisture into the strands and scalp, provides protein  to create thicker strands. InfusesOmega 3, 6, 9 to hydrate and protect against hair loss.

Infused with high levels of vitamins and minerals including Vitamin E which stimulates hair growth, improves scalp health, eliminates frizz, increases softness and shine, and helps hair maintain moisture.

Chloe Williams

 I was very skeptical about hair growth products. I've tried many in the past that did nothing.  GROW was the first product that not only grew my hair 2 inches in 4 weeks, it made my hair the thickest and healthiest its ever been. 

Client Review

Josh Madix

My hairline started to recede right after college.  I was frustrated with how much fallout I had with each wash.  I started using GROW 6 months ago and am amazed with the results - I never thought I'd have a full head of hair again. 

Client Review

Aubrey Hale

After having my first baby I experienced major shedding and brittle hair.  No matter what I tried it looked like I had fried my hair with chemicals.  My stylist recommended GROW, after the first month I was hooked! My hair is thicker, softer and smoother than pre-baby.

Client Review

Grant Koller

Since the age of 14 I dealt with extreme flakes, dandruff, and dry scalp. GROW is the only hair product I have found that has completely cleared up my dandruff and scalp.  Over the past 3 months of use I now have a healthy scalp, no more itch, and all flakes are 100% gone. 

Client Review

Adriana Johns

I have always struggled with thin whispy hair,  After using GROW my hair has become thicker, has incredible bounce and feels completely revitalized.

Client Review

Robert Harris

I work construction and have to wear a hard hat daily.  I was noticing how course my hair was becoming as well as hair loss and receeding hair line.  My wife bought GROW for me 6 months ago, it has changed the look, feel and thickness of my hair.  My hair hasn't looked this good in 20 years! 

Client Review

Kellie Metcalf

I consider myself a connoisseur of hair care products, and have tried everything on the market.  GROW has changed my life and my hair health.  I no longer use mousse, gel, hair masks, or an over  abundance of hair spray.  My hair styles easily, looks incredible, and holds it shape throughout the day.   

Client Review

Jeremy Gering

I use GROW on not only my hair, but my beard as well.  Both are softer, fuller, and all the itching is gone.  The best part is GROW is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, which is very important for hair and beard care.

Client Review

Eva Wright

I love this product -I am a faithful user after just the first use.  The smell is amaSince zing, gives my hair a soft, full texture, and eliminates all of my frizz.

Client Review

Michael Urry

I have been using GROW for a few months now and have noticed a lessening of my grays, more density to the strands and my hair has more life to it.

Client Review

Shannon Olson

I had extremely thin hair and was noticing balding in my part line.  After using GROW, my part is filling out, my hair is getting thicker, and I have 2 inches of new length in just a month.

Client Review

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